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Most Rev. Oswald Lewis
Bishop of Jaipur

2018 Easter Message By Most Rev. Oswald Lewis
Holy Week Services in the City Parishes


On Christmas day our attention was focused on Jesus, the Incarnate Word of God. On New Year day the central stage is occupied by the Mother of Christ. Jesus, being God himself, Mary becomes the Mother of God . When the Church honours Mary as the Mother of god, it does not mean the Jesus divine nature comes from Mary. The divine nature of Jesus is from the beginning, from eternity, but it is the human nature that was formed from the humanity of Mary. It was in the womb of the Virgin Mary the infant Jesus was conceived and grew up without loosing His divine nature . By celebrating the feat of Mary, Mother of god, the church reminds us that in her we see the one who was full of god’s blessings and the one who always, fully and faithfully responded to and cooperated with the grace of god .by celebrating the new year day, we are reminded of god’s grace to each of us year after year.

We wish’ A Happy New Year’ to all our near and dear once. We express our wish and pray that the coming year 2019 may be a year of happiness, peace and joy. At same time, we turn to god who is the source of all blessings and graces that all our hopes may be fulfilled and our aspirations may be actualized. We, who believe that we are always in the hands of god and live in his presence, have full hope that our prayers be granted, if it is his will.

Every New Year brings to us the message that God has not given up hope in human race. Despite of our sinfulness, our moving away from him, He continues to love us and provides us opportunities year after year and after day. Do we not sing the beautiful hymn:

“every tiny star that twinkles in the night
Every drop of moring dew
Every spark of ire blazing in the furnace
Every captivating view
Every rainbow in the sky, every pretty butterfly
Tells the fascinating news to those who day to hope,

And the message is –god still loves the world” in fact it is not every year but every moments is a precious gift to us from God. But do we really deserve this New Year? The answer depends upon how we utilized or wasted our last year and what we hope to do with the present. As we reflect we become aware of the fact that many of our relatives and friends, who were hoping to see the New Year, are not with us. They have returned to the Father’s home. But we are blessed with the New Year. We have once again received this gift of the New Year and time to praise and thank God, to love and serve human beings. However we take one day at a time, with gratitude. Perhaps we still have miles to go before we sleep, still have promises to keep and still have dreams to plan out.

St. Luke in his Gospel Ch. 12:48 says “But of everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required: and of him to whom they have entrusted much, they will demand the more.” Yes, God’s gifts and blessings also demand our response and cooperation. Therefore we need to ponder on ways and means to be grateful to God, to utilize His blessings fully, to cooperate with Him generously and to accomplish His plans and purposes in our lives. How are we going to spend this year bringing greater glory to God and being at the service of others? Cardinal Henry Newman, now saint, had said “When God creates human beings, He gives each and every one a mission, a mission that is not given to others. ” That is why it is obligatory for me to accomplish the mission given to me. Year after year, day after day, we have to reflect on the mission given to each one of us and find ways and means to fulfill that mission.

Celebrating the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, we have Mary herself, who accomplished the mission given to her. She stands before us as a model and inspiration. The mission given to Mary was to be their mother of the Saviour. She did not understand it at the beginning. Having been explained by Angel Gabriel, she accepted the mission, “Let it be done to me according to your word” (Lk. 1:38). With this acceptance, Mary is at the service of the Lord. From then on she sees everything in the perspective of fulfilling God’s will. She keeps pondering on the words of Gabriel and the events that unfolded after the birth of Jesus. In everything, be it the joy of the birth of Christ or be it the fear of fleeing to Egypt, she seeks the will of God and accepts it with all humility.

As the New year dawns, we, the children of Mary, are once again reminded of our mission that we are called upon to fulfill. The words of Cardinal Henry Newman resound in our ears that the mission given to each one of us, is not given to others. Hence it is the responsibility of each one to fulfill that mission. If not accomplished it remains unfulfilled. If Mary was not to accept the mission given to her, the history of salvation would have been different. If Jesus was not to fulfill his mission, we cannot imagine what the world would be like and what would have happened to human beings. So in the New Year, we make a resolution to reflect on the mission given to us and find the ways and means to accomplish the mission effectively and fruitfully. May the New Year bring greater awareness in us. May it bring love, joy, peace and prosperity to each and every one. May you walk in the presence of God daily.

Warmest thoughts and choicest blessings for all the twelve months of 2019

+ Rt. Rev. Oswald J. Lewis

© 2019 -Diocese Of Jaipur