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The year 2020 is being celebrated as the Year of the Family in the Diocese of Jaipur. The celebrations commenced with the inaugural Holy Mass on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020, celebrated at the parish level in all parishes of the diocese. The Prayer for Family is being recited in the churches and in the families every day. A few common programs and seminars on “Amoris Laetitia” (The Joy of Love) were envisaged. However with the arrival of corona virus Covid-19 and lockdown enforced, the planned activities could not be organized. Precautions and restrictions still in force, in spite of unlock down-4 nothing much can be foreseen and planned.

The crisis of Corona Virus, Covid 19 was a bolt from the blue; the worst unforeseen tragedy of the century that plunged the entire human race in darkness. Never did we come across such a pandemic, widespread throughout the world, engulfing all countries and sending shock waves to all. It is going to be almost six months and still no respite from the fear and terror the Covid-19 has created. During these months, people have undergone untold misery; locked up in their congested one room shelters, they have suffered hunger and thirst.

Word for the Day: Friday October 2, 2020

Having seen the miracles, they rejected Jesus and invited the curse. Lord open my heart to your daily miracles. (Lk 10:13-16)

चमत्कार देखने के बावज़ूद उन्होंने येसु को अस्वीकार किया और उन्हें श्राप मिला l हे प्रभु तेरे दैनिक चमत्कारों के लिए मेरा ह्रदय खोल दे l

Fr. Jackson Rodrigues and Fr. Vishal Madtha were ordained as priests for the diocese of Jaipur by Most Rev. Oswald Lewis

Fr. Jackson Rodrigues and Fr. Vishal Madtha were ordained as priests for the diocese of Jaipur by Most Rev. Oswald Lewis at 5.00 pm at Our Lady of Annnunciation cathedral, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur in the presence of 34 priests and a few religious sisters and laity. At this time of pandamic, the gathering was limited to few keeping the guidelines given by the administration.

In his homily, the prelate said, "It is challenging to offer one's whole like for for God and for the service of people. But it is time to become a real witness and to become a second Christ to the world." Both the new priests Fr. Jackson and Fr. Vishal have taken their motto as being called "to serve in humility."

While thanking everyone, Fr. Vishal said, "It is a blessing and privilege to work in Jaipur diocese under the leadership of Bp. Oswald Lewis." Fr. Jackson who is besides his theological studies, he is also a computer graphics man and other creative works. He said, "Inspite of having many weaknesses, he is grateful to call for calling me his great mission." Both the new priests hails from Mangalore, Karnataka. Fr. Vishal is appointed to work in St. Anselm school, Phulera, a city part of Jaipur diocese and Fr. Jackson will be working in the minor seminary, Jaipur. Including these two priests, the number of the diocesan priests rise upto 32.

Fr. John Paul svd
Director, Media Office